October 14, 2010

The Beginning

My interest in photography began when I got my first Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera at the young age of 13. I imagined myself as a newspaper reporter, taking photos of things in the neighborhood; friends, nature, the park and architecture, whatever I thought would be interesting. Processing was by Macy's photo department, and it only took a week or two before the pictures were ready!

Years later I graduated to my first SLR camera, a Canon TLb. This time processing was by mail order. They were cheaper than Macy's, but still took over a week to get them back. I wanted more, better, faster. The only way to do this was to do the processing myself. I can remember carting trays of chemicals from the bathroom to my "darkroom" bedroom. Imagine my excitement seeing the image appear as if by magic, under the red-amber safelight. I was hooked.

Enter the world of digital photography... the year was about 2000 when I purchased my Olympus 2020. Instant photography, instant feedback–you can't beat that! Over the years, I moved up to the Canon Rebel, then the Canon 5d Mark II, and now the Canon 5d Mark IV. My old, fully equipped, large-format darkroom was then converted into a walk-in closet... with running water no less.

It's funny how things change, yet still stay the same. I'm still photographing things in the neighborhood, friends, nature, the park and architecture... whatever I think would be interesting. This time around it's with a much sharper eye, a worldwide view, and an immensely broader sense of design and maturity than when I started. Enjoy!